pasta brema 30 anni


On the 16th of July 2020 Pasta Brema celebrates 30 years of activity!

An important milestone for the two founders Florio and Gino, for their families and for all employees and collaborators who have contributed to the development and growth of Bremen.
In 1990, Florio and Gino started the business in a small artisan workshop in San Pietro in Gu.
Today the company is based in a 4400 m2 factory and is still expanding.
In fact, 2020 represents an extraordinary goal achieved, but, at the same time, it is a new starting point towards the realization of new successes.
Passion, respect for the Italian culinary tradition, attention to new market demands, forward-looking vision, team work, collaboration and sharing are the main strengths of Pasta Brema and the values on which the company is based.
On this special day we thank all those who believed in us, helping to make it possible to achieve this goal.
Even in a difficult year like this, we look at the future with enthusiasm, confident that this anniversary can become a new starting point!





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